GOLFZON held ‘Lotte Rental Lotte Rent-a-car GTOUR Women’s Tournament 1’ on the 29th with a total prize money of KRW 70 million

 Golfzon Co., Ltd. (representative directors Park Kang-soo and Choi Deok-hyeong) announced on the 27th that they will hold the finals of the ‘2023 Lotte Rental Lotte Rent-a-car GTOUR Women’s Tournament 1st’ at Golfzon Joymaru in Daejeon on the 29th.

This tournament has a total prize money of 70 million won (winner’s prize money of 15 million won) and is held in the TWOVISION PRO tour mode, which implements a tournament environment similar to that of the field.

Up to 68 pros, including the winner of the 2022 season and the top 5 GTOUR points (Hyeonji Hong, Jiyeon Shim, Jimin Han, Danyu Park, Chaewon Kim), the top 4 players excluding those who passed the preliminary round among the top 60 players and rookie players, and invited players selected by the competition committee will enter and select 40 players to advance to the second round.

The competition course is played on the GTOUR Valley course, a virtual golf course, and the winner is determined by summing up the stroke scores of 36 holes in a 4-player play method for 2 rounds per day.

The point of watching this tournament is the confrontation between Hong Hyun-ji, who won the grand prize, prize money prize, and three championships in the 21st and 22nd seasons in a row, and Sim Ji-yeon, who won twice in the 22nd season.

Celebrating its 12th anniversary this year, GOLFZON’s representative screen golf tour GTOUR has established itself as a genre in the golf tour industry and serves as a strong bridge between screen golf tours and professional golf tours. 

Golfzon has provided the pleasure of watching professional players’ games through GTOUR even in the off-season field tour summer and winter. It is evaluated that it is causing a positive wind in the development of the domestic golf industry.

From the 2022 season, all games will be broadcast live on the Screen Golf Zone channel, Naver, Daum Sports, and YouTube Golf Zone channels, allowing you to enjoy more realistic games. Global transmission to eight countries in Southeast Asia, including Singapore and Thailand, is also planned.  메이저사이트

Meanwhile, in this ‘2023 Lotte Rental Lotte Rental Car GTOUR 1st Women’s Tournament’, Lotte Rental Car, a subsidiary of Lotte Rental, participated as the main sponsor, and Digital Cheongpung, May Clean, Cleveland Golf Wear, World Wine, and Dunlop Sports Korea started sub-sponsoring. . 

The tournament will be broadcast live from 9:00 am and 1:30 pm on the day of the match through the Screen Golf Zone channel, Golf Zone YouTube channel, Naver and Daum Sports, respectively.

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