Geum-min Lee and Ye-eun Park, ‘female soccer aces’ meeting England “I know the style well. I want to win”

“I know English style well.”

The Korean women’s soccer team, led by head coach Colin Bell, will start with England on the 17th (hereafter referred to as Korean time) in the Arnold Clark Cup, a friendly competition between four countries. They will face off against Belgium on the 20th and Italy on the 23rd.

It is a good tournament to experience in action ahead of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup to be held in Australia-New Zealand in July. Bellho left for England on the 10th.

Lee Geum-min and Park Ye-eun (above Brighton), who play on the English stage, plan to use their experience to achieve good results in the Arnold Clark Cup.

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▲ How do you feel about facing strong teams such as England, Italy and Belgium?

The first game is England, so I’m looking forward to it a lot. I also know that the tickets for the game are sold out. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of play our team will play with a better look than before in a large crowd.

▲ There must be players who have competed together as overseas players. Is there a player to be especially wary of?

All English players are good and have their own style, so it is difficult to point out just one. All players have their strengths.

▲ How do you feel facing England as a member of Brighton?

I know the strengths of each player because they are players who have played together in the league. We plan to share information about our opponents with our players so that they can help our team.

▲ What kind of play will be required for our team to show its strengths against players with strong physical abilities?

Korean players are agile and delicate in handling the ball. I think this can create a good opportunity in competition with opponents.

▲ From Park Eun-sun to Chun Ga-ram, players with various ages and characteristics were selected for the attacking team. How will it affect the national team?

Young players are active, run a lot, and play creatively. I think these things are bringing change to our team. Also, Eunseon unnie’s physicality makes me think that there are players like this in Korea when other teams see it. Existence itself is a huge advantage. 

▲ Preparations for the World Cup began in earnest. It seems that there will be an extraordinary resolution and mindset ahead of the third World Cup.

Time is running out. I want to finish well for the rest of the period and bring good results in the World Cup. I really want to break the record set by the women’s national team.  

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▲ How do you feel about facing strong teams such as England, Italy and Belgium?

It’s my first time playing against a strong team, and women’s soccer is really popular in England right now. The opportunity itself for our team to show Korean women’s soccer in such an environment is a great experience and I am grateful.

▲ In the second match against New Zealand last year, she started as a defensive midfielder instead of Jo So-hyun and even scored a goal. How would you feel if you looked back at the game at the time?

After moving to Brighton, he is experiencing playing against strong players in England. I think I showed the advantages I get here in the match against New Zealand. I wanted to play my game during the game, and I think that led to the goal.

▲ I think Park Ye-eun will play a bigger role with Cho So-hyun and Lee Young-joo missing. What kind of image do you want to appeal in this tournament? 카지노

Depending on the opponent, the coach’s strategy is different. I don’t know what kind of role he will give me, but if there is a role that the coach wants, he thinks that a player should do his best to fit that role. If given the opportunity again, he will do his best in the role and help our team win.

▲ How do you feel facing England as a member of Brighton?

Several players from his team were also called up to the England national team this time. We also talked about where we would be playing and what our expectations were for each other ahead of the match. They are players I used to play with and know each other’s styles, so I want to win even more.

▲ You must have gotten used to Coach Colin Bell’s style to some extent. What is the coach’s football color and what do you think he demands of you?

The coach always likes high-intensity and fast football. So he also tells me to always play fast passing and forward football. We always try to create what our team needs.

▲ The year of the World Cup has dawned. What do you think is required to participate in the World Cup for the first time in your life, and are you prepared for the World Cup?

In the World Cup, I think you have to score more goals than your opponent. We will do our best to bring good results so that our team can score goals.

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