‘Gapyeong-gun Athletic Association’, sprouting hope in Gapyeong, a wasteland of basketball

Gapyeong, which had no contact with basketball, laid the groundwork for growth as a city where people can enjoy sports by hosting the 3×3 competition.

The 1st Bauer Pint 3×3 National Basketball Tournament with Gapyeong-gun (hereafter referred to as the Bauer Pint 3×3 National Basketball Tournament), held at the Cheongpyeong Lakeside Culture and Sports Center in Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do for two days from the 17th to the 18th ended in great success. This tournament, in which 24 teams from two categories, male and female, participated, was held in Gapyeong, which had little contact with basketball.

The Bauer Pint 3×3 National Basketball Championship, which was held in Gapyeong for the first time in the history of 3×3 in Korea, was able to take its first step successfully with the full support of the Gapyeong-gun Athletic Association.

Lee Sang-yoon, acting president of the Gapyeong-gun Sports Association, said, “I understand that 3×3 has been adopted as an official event in the Olympics and Asian Games and is gaining great popularity among the younger generation. “We decided to host this tournament because we hope that the players who participated in this tournament will enjoy 3×3 basketball to their heart’s content in Gapyeong-gun, a clean area with good water and good air, and that they will visit Gapyeong-gun often in the future,” he said.

He continued, “I’ve seen a lot of 5v5 basketball, but I didn’t know that 3×3 basketball would be so exciting and give people a sense of pleasure. We were able to feel the unique charm of basketball that we did not know about. Starting with the Bauer Pint 3×3 National Basketball Tournament, I would like to hold such a competition frequently in the future if given the opportunity. We will actively work to revitalize the local economy through basketball tournaments,” he added.

Kim Jong-nam, secretary general of the Gapyeong-gun Sports Association, also welcomed the bid for the Bauer Pint 3×3 National Basketball Tournament. 안전놀이터

“I have always wanted to hold a national sporting event. Then, the Bauer Pint side conveyed their intention to hold a tournament in Gapyeong-gun, and we, Gapyeong-gun and the Sports Association, thought it was a good opportunity to grow into a sports city, so we held this tournament. Also, I think it is a meaningful and honorable thing to start with a 3×3 event that is gaining popularity among the younger generation. As for basketball, it is the first national championship held in Gapyeong, so I think it is even more meaningful.” These are the words of Secretary General Kim Jong-nam.

He said, “Because the event was suddenly decided, we couldn’t secure enough budget and didn’t do much publicity. If the 3×3 basketball tournament is held in Gapyeong-gun next year, I want to help more club members enjoy it by expanding the scale of the tournament, such as increasing the number of participating teams.” there is. Han Seok-bong Gymnasium also has spectator seats for the general public to watch, so if it is held on a larger scale next year, it will be an opportunity to promote 3×3 to students and the military,” he predicted.

Finally, Acting President Lee Sang-yoon, who expressed his desire to host the Bauer Pint 3×3 National Basketball Championship in Gapyeong-gun next year due to the high level of satisfaction of participating players through this tournament, said, “I would like to thank the many athletes and officials who visited Gapyeong-gun once again. I hope that this tournament will spark hope in Gapyeong, a wasteland of basketball. In addition, I hope to return after enjoying basketball without injury until the end.”