‘From Kim Seong-geun to Park Dong-won and Yoo Gang-nam’ Yong Am-taek and Hobu-ji’s ‘strongest’ behind-the-scenes talk 

Two of the best talkers in the Korean baseball world met. The main characters are Lee Ho-joon, LG coach, who has a slow, low-pitched voice, and Park Yong-taek, an active starter in his 40s who plays ‘strongest baseball’.

On the 1st (Korean time), the training ground in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA where the LG Twins’ spring camp was set up. Commentator Park Yong-taek visited the camp.

While LG players, who arrived in the US the day before, began training on their own to adjust to the jet lag, coach Lee Ho-joon started a verbal confrontation with Park Yong-taek.

The topic naturally started with the JTBC Sports’ entertainment program ‘Strongest Baseball’, in which Park Yong-taek is appearing.

Park Yong-taek confessed his grievance, “When I told director Kim Seong-geun that it was difficult, he said, ‘How old are you? Thirty..’ Then he said, ‘Ah, I’m thirty. I’m forty-five.’

Then Lee Ho-joon also laughed, saying, “No, I saw that you said ‘professional when you get money’ in an article not too long ago. Aren’t you the kind of person who becomes completely different when you have a ball and a bat… You must be having a really hard time.” 토토사이트

The pleasant conversation between the two continued. From director Kim Seong-geun, Yu Hee-gwan, Kim Tae-gun, and Mo Chang-min coaches to Yu Kang-nam, Park Dong-won, Lee Jae-won, and Song Chan-eui, you can check the tikitaka of the two talkers in the video.

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