Free agent third baseman gets first-team call-up, exhibition home run king ‘blown out’ with broken ribs…Expanded roster sparsity

LG outfield prospect Song Chan-ui’s call-up to the first team was canceled due to a broken rib. Free agent third baseman Seo Gun-chang will join the expanded roster after spending more than 100 days on the second team.

Manager Yeom Kyung-yup mentioned the September expansion roster at Jamsil Stadium on the 30th. He said, “Seo Gun-chang and Kim Joo-sung are coming up. Song Chan-ui shouldn’t be injured with a rib fracture,” he said. “Catchers and pitchers are still being considered,” he added. With the two outfielders confirmed, the plan is to fill out the roster with three pitchers.

Last week, Yoon announced Seo Gun-chang, Song Chan-ui, and Yoon Ho-sol as the first players to be added to the expanded roster. Yoon made the roster earlier than planned on April 26.

The only disappointment was Song’s injury. Not only did he miss out on an expanded roster spot, but he’ll be rehabbing for over a month.

Song suffered a fractured rib in a Futures League match against Sangmu on April 23. He collided with a teammate while catching a fly ball in defense and was diagnosed with a microfracture of his ribs on an MRI. He is expected to be out for four weeks.

Song, who was drafted in the seventh round of the 2018 second round, was a surprise home run winner in an exhibition game last year. He was targeted for development as a big bat prospect. After playing in the second team after joining the organization and returning from military service during the 2021 season, Song made his professional debut last year, batting 2-for-36 with three home runs and 10 RBIs in 33 games.

He made the roster for this season’s spring training under new manager Yoon Kyung-yeop, and was given backup spots at second and first base. In 19 games with the first team this season, he batted 5-for-6 with one home run in 18 at-bats. He was sent down to the second team three times in early May, early June, and late July. As he continued to get reps in the second team and wait for an expanded roster spot, he suffered an unexpected injury. It’s unclear if he’ll get a chance at the end of the season after rehabbing.안전놀이터

Reunited with his former manager Yeom at Nexen, Seo looked to bounce back this season. After being traded from Kiwoom to LG during the 2021 season, Seo delayed his free agency for the second year in a row after struggling for two consecutive years.

He hoped to get off to a good start this year by batting first in the exhibition games. He started the season as the top two hitters in the opening game, but struggled early in the season with a 1-for-1 batting average and was dropped to the bottom of the batting order, and his frequent errors in defense led to his demotion to the second team after just over a month.

In his last 10 games in the Futures League, he is batting 2-for-9 (10-for-34) with 11 RBIs.

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