foreigner? Korean? What is Jungheondi 

The next soccer team coach is a foreigner? Korean?

This is an issue that is being discussed now. Is this really correct? Is it the most urgent thing to choose one of the two right now? If you elect a foreigner (or Korean), will everything be solved or will everything fail? What is the difference between determining skin color first without clear grounds and being bound by regionalism, blood ties, or school ties? Is it petty nationalism or blind flunkeyism?

Greetings are basic. The key is to evaluate the past objectively, face the reality coolly, and determine whether or not you are the right person to lead the desired future together with the organization.

How was the Korean national team for the past four years? They successfully qualified for the World Cup finals and advanced to the World Cup round of 16. The results were good. The play was challenging and dynamic, but lacked detail. His stamina was average, and his attitude to stand up against opponents was good. Over-reliance on Jujeon almost became poison. Director Bento has been using similar members all the way for four years, mainly from overseas. It was an inevitable choice to play build-up soccer with a Korean player with weak personal skills. The repetitive use of fixed members increased organizational power, but decreased flexibility, joker utilization, and attack variety. So, during the World Cup, I couldn’t take out starting players who were sluggish, suffered from injuries, or lost their stamina. The absence of backup members was a vulnerability. It is too simple and foolish to glorify all of Bento’s actions and decisions as if he had foresight just because Korea reached the round of 16.

There are many Europeans in Korea. Both the team manager and colleagues are foreigners. While playing on the big stage, the status and influence of overseas groups grew스포츠토토. If you don’t want to be a manager to follow, he has the power to ignore. The coach of the national team calls the players for a while and adjusts their condition before starting an A-match. It is an environment where the national team coach cannot change something crucial. That is why the ability to control the team is much more important to the national team coach than to the professional team coach, who has the authority to live with the players throughout the year and influence the fate of the players. The next head coach must have control and leadership over the European faction.

The latest trends in world football are strong forward pressure, quick defensive transitions, quick attack development, and strong stamina. The keyword is to drive the opponent into the opponent’s camp and score a goal after stealing the ball, or to get to the opponent’s goal as quickly as possible when we have the ball in our camp. Korea lacked pass direction, accuracy, and aggressive penetrating passes. It is a task that the next director must solve in one way or another.

German-born Michael Müller became the head of the Korea Football Association’s National Team Power Reinforcement Committee. The prospect of hiring a foreigner as a manager because he is a foreigner makes no sense. Conversely, the idea that a foreign chairperson and a Korean coach will balance each other well is absurd.

△Ability to control top elite players such as Europeans △Do you know the Korean soccer system and the strengths and weaknesses of Korean players △Do you know the latest international soccer trends △Do you have excellent adaptability during matches △Diligent enough to search for Korean players diligently △ Are you willing to diligently excavate raw stones without being bound by the name △ Are you able to constructively collaborate with the Korea Football Association △ Are you ready to take responsibility for everything, saying, “It’s my fault” △ What is the direction and guiding philosophy that Korean football is pursuing? Are you on the same track? It is the right person to appoint the person who best fits the conclusion drawn after discussing these things in depth first.

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