Florida favorable reception → Okinawa looks… SSG Round 1, what captured Kim Won-hyung’s heart

The most notable keynote change in SSG’s 2023 spring camp was the participation of newcomers. In the meantime, SSG tended to exclude rookie players from the first camp. It was because of the idea that I had to build my body step by step.

No matter how well you build your body in winter, there is a clear difference between you and the first-team players. If you go to the 1st team camp in a situation where your body is not in proper condition, there is a possibility that you will fall into a vicious circle due to excessive greed or shrink psychologically. However, this year, the first team players were boldly involved, and because of this, the overall number of camps increased. SSG director Kim Won-hyung is satisfied. This is because he was given the opportunity to see and evaluate the potential of young players with his own eyes.

Quite a few players have received good reviews and are now returning to Korea with their own motivations. Still, the number of players who can participate in the actual battle-oriented Okinawa camp is limited. Some of the new players remain in Korea and continue training in the second group. However, there are players who have actually booked a trip to Okinawa. Right-hander Lee Rowoon (19) from Daegu High School, pitcher in the first round. Inside the club, even before the list was finalized, there was a story that “if there are no problems with the body, there is a high possibility of going to Okinawa.” Director Kim did not bother to deny this story.

Roun Lee was one of the fastest pitchers among his peers in high school, and he received favorable reviews from many coaching staff and seniors at the Florida camp. Director Kim acknowledged, “It may be a hasty judgment, but Lee Rowun is definitely the first choice. He seems confident in throwing the ball even without saying anything.” I got that kind of impression,” she smiled.

He has good pitches and is also bold. This is the part where the catchers and bullpen catchers who have received Yi Rowoon’s ball all praised him with one voice. Bullpen catcher Kim Kwan-eung said, “Usually rookies tend to throw a strike in the middle when they throw the ball. But Roun Lee threw it in the middle, threw a breaking ball outward, and later threw a high-fastball. That part was definitely different.” said Director Kim also said, “The pitch and control were both good,” and he expressed his intention to keep watching. 메이저놀이터

If you showed potential in Florida, Okinawa is the stage where you can see how well that possibility can be used in real battles. Director Kim also wants to see it regardless of the result. Regarding the evaluation of Kim’s bullpen catcher, coach Kim emphasized, “How nice it would be if that were the case. It has to come out in real life.” Lee Rowun now has to show that he is not for practice, and coach Kim is about to give him a chance.

SSG’s 13-man mound operation has many undecided parts. First of all, Sunville is solid. Ace Kim Gwang-hyun and two foreign players (Romero and McCarty) have clear starting resources in Park Jong-hoon and Moon Seung-won, who are expected to make a full-fledged emergency after elbow surgery. Coach Kim thinks that Oh Won-seok will be added here to compete until the end. “At some point, we will give notice to send one guy to the bullpen,” Kim said. It is expected that we will find out only when we go to the demonstration game.

However, except for some players who were active last year, such as Seo Jin-yong and Roh Kyung-eun, there are still undecided areas in the bullpen. Director Kim’s candid confession is that he has not been able to confirm at least three spots. In this situation, Lee Woon also emerged as a candidate for the vacant bullpen spot. Coach Kim acknowledged that Roun Lee could be a great starter in the long run, but he does not rule out the possibility that he will play in the bullpen this year. SSG’s 1st team coaching staff’s eyes are growing as to whether they will be able to continue pitching boldly in Okinawa.

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