‘Flame chase at the end of the 4th quarter’ Korea, Japan and 2nd game defeat… The winning team was eclipsed in Game 3

Despite the last-minute chase, Korea gave up the second game to Japan. Lee Sang-baek, the winning team of Namdaebu will be covered in the third game.

The South Korean men’s college basketball selection team lost 67-79 to the Japanese men’s college basketball selection team in the second game of the 46th Korea-Japan College Basketball Tournament held at Yonsei University Gymnasium on the 20th. Recorded 1 win and 1 loss. Lee Sang-baek, the winning team of Namdaebu will be covered in the third game.

Japan, who entered the second game with one loss, showed a strong will from the beginning. They embarrassed Korea from the start with a strong defense, and created scoring opportunities with a smooth attack flow.

Korea also gradually recovered its flow. Lee Kang-hyeon (200cm, C) and Park Jong-ha (187cm, G) burst into mid-range jumpers.

Korea, which had been pushed back 4-11, pursued with the introduction of Yoo Ki-sang (189cm, G). Yugi-sang fooled the Japanese defense in the mid-range and completed the basket count. Following this, Kim Tae-hoon (190cm, F)’s 3-point shot also split the rim. Yugi-sang, who showed light movements, also exploded two 3-point shots in the first quarter.

However, the hands and feet of the Korean players did not match in defense. He struggled in the rotation, giving Japan a series of easy scoring chances. The first quarter ended 19-21.

Korea turned around early in the second quarter. Yoo Sang-sang made a 3-point shot at the start of the 2nd quarter, and Park Moo-bin (187cm, G) also made 2 free throws.

But Japan did not collapse. Recorded several steals with strong pressure defense. Masahiro Waki ​​(192cm, F) raised the atmosphere with a dunk shot from a single fast break after stealing.

Korea, which had been reorganized with operational time, turned around again with goals from Moon Jeong-hyeon (194cm, F) and Lee Kang-hyeon. Moon Jung-hyun tricked Shin Shota (190cm, F) with a fake move and succeeded in driving in. Lee Kang-hyeon regained Korea’s dominance with a fade away with Yu Kibayashi (200cm, C) in front.

Reversing the mood, Korea finished the first half with a score of 38-36. It was a tight match.

Japan raised its energy level again in the third quarter. Unlike the second quarter, Korea’s offensive flow was stiff.

Japan’s height wasn’t high, but they scored steadily with organic attack flow and quick attacks. After Yu Kibayashi’s footback scored, Ogawa Atsuya (190cm, G) opened the scoring with a 3-point shot.

Korea struggled with sluggish Yatoo in the third quarter. After Lee Kang-hyun’s goal, he couldn’t score for more than 5 minutes. Even the 3-point shot was not effective.

It was Korea that ended the third quarter with a score of 48-56. Yang Jun (200cm, C) narrowed the score gap to one digit by completing an and one at the end of the game.

However, Japan’s firepower was even stronger in the fourth quarter. Zaheru Yamauchi (190cm, G) and Keijiro Mitani (191cm, F) ran away to 68-50 with consecutive 3-pointers.

Korea also countered with a 3-point shot. Moon Jeong-hyeon and Yugi-sang’s consecutive 3-point shots reduced the score gap to 12 points.토토사이트

The will of the Korean players to pursue was strong. Moon Jeong-hyeon, Yu Gi-sang, and Park Seung-jae (180cm, G) exploded 3-pointers in succession. The score, which had been up to 18 points, also decreased to 9 points.

Received enthusiastic support from the home fans, Korea tried to chase until the end. Yugi-sang hit another 3-pointer.

Even so, it was not enough time to narrow the score gap that had widened again to double digits. Game 2 ended with Japan’s victory.

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