‘First-round pick’ Won Sang-hyun misses Golden Lion due to elbow inflammation… “Surgery? Nothing serious, return to next tournament”

Busan Go’s Won Sang-hyun (19) was nowhere to be seen at the 2023 Golden Lion.

The team advanced to the quarterfinals behind a strong pitching performance by Sung Young-tak, but Won was not even seen in the bullpen. Won has been a strong first-round candidate this season. In particular, he was instrumental in the revolutionary victory over the Phoenix last year.

The reason for his absence from the tournament was an elbow inflammation. Busan Go coach Park Kye-won said, “Won won’t be playing in this tournament. He is not on the team. I called his father and told him to take him with him.” The reason is simple. Won’s competitive spirit is too strong. Although Won was willing to throw in this tournament, Park knows him well enough to know that it would be better for his recovery if he stayed off the field.

“He will throw normally from the next tournament,” Park added. Recently, there were rumors that he was going to have surgery, but that’s not true. I haven’t heard anything like that,” Park dismissed.토토사이트

Won Sang-hyun has been in good form this season, even in the prestigious Goyeol and E-Mart Bae.

However, he was disappointed to miss the Golden Lion. The first round of the recent rookie draft is very competitive for pitchers. Every injury can be a factor in their evaluation, so the news of Won’s injury has the scouts of each team on high alert.

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