‘Extreme temperature difference’ Joo Se-jong, “Expecting meeting with Seoul… Gangwon must win”

 Ju Se-jong of Daejeon Hana Citizen, who returned to K-League 1, spoke of excitement and responsibility at the same time.

Daejeon beat Sangmu Kim Cheon in the promotion playoffs last season and took the last train to the first division. It was the moment when eight years of waiting paid off.

In order for the promotion not to stop as a short-lived joy, you have to pour everything in. At the center is Daejeon’s new captain Ju Se-jong.

Joo Se-jong, who met at the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 Opening Media Day on the 20th, said, “It was burdensome to receive the captaincy immediately after promotion.” It seems to have shrunk a bit,” he said. At the same time, he also expressed his anticipation, saying, “The players’ motivation is good this year, so the thought that I can really enjoy it has become stronger.”

Previously, Daejeon coach Lee Min-seong saw Daejeon’s current position as 12th out of 12 teams. At the same time, he expressed his determination to rise step by step. Ju Se-jong was no different. “Remaining is the first goal,” he said. “We start in 12th place. The goal is to look higher after entering the stable zone.”

When I told Joo Se-jong that the location of Daejeon was the same as coach Lee said, he replied, “The players themselves think so.” He emphasized, “We have been through the playoffs, so we are in 12th place and Gwangju FC is in 11th place.”

After returning to the K-League 1, Ju Se-jong will reunite with his former team, FC Seoul. It is also a team with memories of winning the K-League. Joo Se-jong gave an example, saying, “I am so excited and happy.” He explained, “When I was young, I went to my grandmother’s house about once a year.”

In addition, he recalled, “I want to show the fans that ‘the player I was cheering for is doing well in that team’ by going to Sangam,” and recalled, “As soon as I was promoted, I was excited to meet again with that thought.” 메이저놀이터

Joo Se-jong also met Choi Yong-soo (Gangwon FC), who coached him at the time. He laughed, saying, “Like my parents, he was a person who really helped me grow, and I received a lot of help.”

But the smile soon stopped. Because of the bad relationship between Daejeon and Gangwon. In the last 2021, Daejeon was not promoted due to Gangwon in the promotion playoffs. In addition to the result, the relationship between the two teams deteriorated due to the Gangwon ball boy’s time delay controversy.

Joo Se-jong said, “I wasn’t in Daejeon when that incident happened,” but said, “After the matchups for the opening match were confirmed among the players, the story came out.” He continued, “Even before the promotion playoff with Kimcheon, we talked about reviving a year ago,” expressing his extraordinary determination against Gangwon.

He said, “At the time, the players said that they must go to K-League 1 and meet Gangwon to win.” Following

Joo Se-jong expressed his strong will to win, saying, “It’s a wound to someone, but it’s already past, so I won’t pay too much attention to it.”

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