Even Alisson is anxious Liverpool, ‘love call’ to Anderlecht’s 20-year-old prospect GK

Liverpool are going to reinforce the goal.

On the 12th (Korean time), the British daily newspaper The Sun reported that ‘Liverpool want Anderlecht’s young goalkeeper Bad Verbruggen’. Liverpool are in their worst slump this season. Liverpool, which has been a strong player representing England and Europe for the past few years, are showing an unfortunate appearance as their existing resources are aging. 바카라사이트

Alisson Becker, who is called one of the best goalkeepers in the world, is also not free from sluggishness. Liverpool are looking at a massive reinforcement across all positions, and the goalkeeper is no exception. Number 2 Quibin Kelleher is also likely to leave the team this summer, so reinforcement of this position is essential.

Liverpool want to sign a new goalkeeper who can compete with Alisson, but the prospect is from the Netherlands, Verbruggen. Berburgen is one of the other jewels excavated by Anderlecht. The 20-year-old has emerged as Anderlecht’s new key resource thanks to his excellent physical abilities and reflexes. Many clubs are already eyeing Werburgen.

Liverpool scouts have put Verbruggen on their top signing list and intend to jump in the scout quickly before the price rises.

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