Escape from a long 13-game losing streak! The performance of the American national team and captain also shone… Let’s not forget Park Kyung-hyun’s dedication

Pepper Savings Bank escaped a long 13-game losing streak at home. At the center was Park Kyung-hyun.

Pepper Savings Bank, led by Acting Manager Lee Kyung-soo, held a set score 3-1 (24-26, 26-24, 25-23, 24-26, 26-24, 25-23, 25-23) and succeeded in escaping from 4 consecutive losses and 13 home losses in a row.

On this day, Nia Reed and Lee Han-bi’s performances were also brilliant, but this player’s performance was also indispensable. It was Park Kyung-hyun, who came out as an outside heater.

Park Kyung-hyun, who joined as a founding member of Pepper Savings Bank last season and played as the main outside hitter. He played an active role until the beginning of this season, but from the second half of the second round, he was pushed by Park Eun-seo and stayed in the warm-up zone for a long time. He started 10 consecutive games in the opening game, but started only two games after that, excluding the game on the day.

However, Pepper Savings Bank has not been able to accompany the team recently as Park Eun-seo suffered an injury to the left ankle ligament. In addition to the last KGC Ginseng Corporation exhibition, it was excluded from the Gyeonggi-do entry on this day.

Pepper Savings Bank was in a swamp of 4 consecutive losses and 13 home losses before the match, so they needed a win more than ever. To make matters worse, Park Kyung-hyun, who had to play both offense and defense, had a heavy burden on his shoulders as starter Libero Oh Ji-young could not play that day due to the agreement reached during the trade.

However, Park Kyung-hyun flew like a fish in water. He scored 5 points in the first set and had an attack success rate of 57%, helping the team take the first set. The number that stood out above all else was the receive. The receive efficiency was as high as 75%. He also caught 5 digs.

The first set did not stop with sparkling performance. In the 2nd set, he showed a sense of stability by recording 5 points – success rate 40% – receiving efficiency 60%, and in the 3rd set he scored 4 points – success rate 57% – receiving efficiency 60%. Until the third set, Park Kyung-hyun scored 14 points, a success rate of 46.43%, and a receiving efficiency of 66.67%. The most points scored in an individual game this season is 13 points, but it was surpassed even before the game was over. 메이저사이트

In the 4th set, he gave strength by scoring at each critical moment. He scored back-to-back at 11-11 and 13-14.

On this day, he gave strength by raising 17 points. The attack success rate was 48%, and the receive efficiency was also high at 58%. The receiving efficiency was the highest among the players of both teams. Pepper Savings Bank, which added Park Kyung-hyun’s performance, won 3-1 and escaped from 13 consecutive losses at home with a 4-game losing streak.

Acting coach Lee Kyung-soo said, “Kyung-hyeon did well today. If Kyunghyun had a lot of trouble, he would have played a difficult game. He held up well in receiving, so I think he won today,” he raised his thumbs up.

Park Kyung-hyun also said, “I am so happy to win during the Lunar New Year holiday. I am happy to present victory to the fans,” he laughed.

Park Kyung-hyun, who has had more crying days than laughing days, but on this day, he laughed to his heart’s content. After the game, he had the best day since his debut, having an interview with the host broadcaster and an interview with a distinguished player.

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