Doosan Choi Won-jun threw 0.83 points per game… Director Lee Seung-yeop “It was great, but really”

Coach Lee Seung-yeop (47) seems to be deeply concerned with Choi Won-joon (29) of the Doosan Bears, who failed to win even a single win due to poor scoring support from the other line even in reverse pitching.

Coach Lee said of Choi Won-jun, who became a losing pitcher in Quality Start Plus (QS+ pitching with 3 earned runs or less in 7 or more starting innings) in 7 innings the previous day ahead of the resignation Lotte Giants game on the 11th, “It will be difficult because he is not getting help from the batters. He said sadly, “I don’t know if batters have to buy a meal or not.”

Choi Won-joon pitched well with an ERA of 4.00 (16 earned runs in 36 innings) and a WHIP per inning of 1.11, including 4 quality starts (QS, pitching 토토사이트 with 3 earned runs or less in 6 or more innings) in 6 games this season. They suffered only 3 losses without a win.

On the day Choi Won-joon started, his scoring support was very lacking. Doosan hitters contributed 0.83 runs per game. According to Sports 2I, the KBO’s official record statistics company, this figure is the lowest among all pitchers in the league who have completed the regulation innings. Song Myung-ki (NC Dinos, 1.33) and Gwak Bin (Doosan, 1.83), who are second and third behind, also have no starters.

Director Lee said, “I showed a very good pitch, but it is very regrettable. As a starting pitcher, he plays his role very well. However, he did not receive help from batters,” he said bitterly, saying, “In addition, on the day Choi Won-jun goes to the mound, opponent starting pitchers throw well.”

Choi Won-joon is the ‘constant’ of the Doosan Mound. After winning double-digit wins for two consecutive seasons from 2020, he has established himself as a pitcher who can consistently throw 150 or more innings from 2021. He is pitching stably, regardless of whether he wins the first round or not, but in terms of motivation, this is a situation that Lee would regret. Moreover, following last year, when he threw 2.63 points per game (lowest 6th place), the lack of scoring support this season also increases his regret.

Director Lee said, “I will have to accept the part that should be accepted, but it is still very regrettable. Choi Won-jun is a really good player. He hoped that he could get his first win as soon as possible.”

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