“Don’t go against the will of the heavens” Rain canceled after six straight storms, but Hanwha is just fine Why?

“You can’t force anything to work.”

Hanwha, which has won six straight games in 1371 days since Sept. 16-26, 2019, will take a day off. The team’s home game against KT on Sept. 29 at Daejeon’s Hanwha Life Eagles Park was rained out due to the nationwide rainy season. The rain stopped around 4 p.m., but a large amount of rain fell and the ground conditions were not good.

In baseball, where flow, atmosphere, and connection are important, rain can be an unwelcome interruption during a winning streak. Hanwha could have been a bit more disappointed, as they are 4-1-1 against KT this season, and their scheduled starter was Ricardo Sanchez, who is 7-1 with no losses on the mound.

However, Hanwha manager Choi Won-ho, who met with reporters before the decision was made to cancel the game, said, “The condition of the field is not such that it can be done with one or two hours of work,” and then said, “You shouldn’t go against the will of the heavens. If the heavens say do it, do it, and if they say don’t do it, don’t do it. You can’t force anything to work. It’s true that you can row when the water comes in, but if you force it, you’ll fall off.”

The rainout was actually a good thing for Hanwha, considering their bullpen was depleted. After Han Seung-hyuk went down early with four runs in three innings against KT the day before, the team used all six of its core relievers – Jung Woo-ram, Joo Hyun-sang, Lee Tae-yang, Kim Bum-soo, Kang Jae-min, and Park Sang-won. In particular, Kang Jae-min and Park Sang-won threw 43 pitches in two innings and 31 pitches in two innings, respectively, against KT on the 27th and 28th.

They would have been unavailable if the game had been played that day. Choi said, “Pitchers who have thrown back-to-back games are limited to no more than 30 pitches in two games. Today, Kang Jae-min and Park Sang-won were excluded,” Choi said. “If they threw 10 pitches in two days, they can pitch three consecutive games. But I try not to use them as much as possible. If he pitches well and wins, it’s good, but if he loses, there’s nothing to be gained,” he said, explaining that he will run the bullpen according to the order.

As we approach the halfway point of the season, players’ stamina is at a premium. In particular, the Hanwha bullpen was the only one of the 10 teams to throw more than 300 innings (300⅔). The bullpen was heavily depleted after playing with a single foreign pitcher for over a month from the start of the season.

With the fifth-best ERA (3.92) in the league, the bullpen needs to be properly rested to remain competitive throughout the season. In that regard, the rainy season could be a good time to recharge. Samsung Electronics’ game against Daegu on the 30th is also likely to be canceled due to rain in the forecast.

During their six-game winning streak, Hanwha has also benefited from rain once. On the 25th, the game against the Changwon NC was declared a rainout after the first inning. It was expected to be a tough game against NC starter Eric Peddy, who has emerged as the best foreign pitcher this season, but the rain made it easier.카지노사이트

Four days later, it was rained out again. We head to Daegu with the good vibes of a six-game winning streak. On the 30th, they will play a three-game weekend series against 10th-ranked Samsung. The starting pitchers for the three-game series will be Moon Dong-ju, Sanchez, and Felix Peña. If the game on the 30th is rained out, Sanchez and Moon Dong-joo will pitch the weekend games in that order, followed by Peña the following Tuesday (July 4 against Lotte in Daejeon). This is also not a bad flow for Hanwha.

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