Doing it and now even the ‘back margin controversy’… ‘Worries’ are growing ahead of the opening 

 Another surprising news broke out in the KBO League. This time, it’s a ‘back margin’ scandal. It is said that Jang Jung-seok (50), former KIA general manager, asked Park Dong-won (33, LG) for back money. A situation in which there is a difference of opinion between the two sides. There is no way to stop being surprised that this has happened.

On the 29th, KIA held a disciplinary committee and decided to dismiss general manager Jang Jeong-seok. “Last week, I received a report that I had asked for money during negotiations with a player last year. Regardless of the fact, for any reason, the wrong behavior of asking for money in the process of negotiating with the affiliated players is unacceptable.” 토토사이트

In April of last year, KIA brought Park Dong-won from Kiwoom through a trade. It was a relatively weak position, so I needed reinforcement, and I made a decision. He even thought of putting him on a long-term contract. In fact, negotiations were conducted.

As a result, there was no news of the sacrament. After the season, Park Dong-won became a free agent. There was still a dominant expectation that KIA would catch Park Dong-won, but Park Dong-won left KIA and headed for LG. He signed a large contract worth 6.5 billion won for 4 years.

I wondered ‘what happened’. This is because KIA is not a club that cannot spend 6.5 billion won. As time passed, the story of the back money came out.

Park Dong-won’s side said that former general manager Jang demanded back money from the negotiations for an extension contract during the season. According to KIA’s explanation, former general manager Jang said that in a ‘joking tone’. However, Park Dong-won thought differently.

He had a recording file and inquired at the Korea Professional Baseball Players Association (Athletes’ Association). Secretary-General Jang Dong-cheol said, “This is absolutely not a joke.” “In the process of talking about contracts, inappropriate words came out. It’s a joke once, but I’ve heard it twice. I don’t think it’s a joke,” he said.

He continued, “If a person in that position (general manager) makes such an offer to a player, it is difficult for the player to refuse. He explained the reason for reporting, saying, “Isn’t that situation likely to happen to other players next time?”

When Park Dong-won signed a contract with LG, there were quite a few curious eyes. This is because it was lower than the conditions suggested by KIA. Interpretations such as ‘I chose LG because Seoul has a better environment’ came out.

However, it seems that there is a reason for this report. If former general manager Jang really wanted a ‘back margin’, it would be safer for Park Dong-won not to sign a contract. The actual contract size may have been better for LG.

Of course, everything is still unknown. It’s just a guess. But doubt always breeds doubt. ‘Isn’t there something more?’ It is a situation where the thought of doing is bound to come up again and again.

KIA, who suddenly learned the truth, is also perplexed. After his dismissal, he issued an apology at the same time. “I apologize to all members of the league for causing a burden to the entire KBO league, which is about to open. I feel a heavy sense of responsibility for this issue, and I will put more effort into law-abiding education and make ceaseless efforts to prevent this from happening again.”

Jang is considered a ‘successful person’ both as a leader and as a front desk manager. After graduating from Deoksu Commercial High School (now Deoksu High School)-Chungang University, he joined Hyundai in 1996. He went through Hyundai-KIA and played until 2003.

He didn’t stand out as a player. It became more prominent after his retirement. He also led the team to advance to the postseason for two consecutive years as a manager, and also stepped into the postseason as a general manager. He achieved results both as the head of the field and as the head of the front desk. However, this incident took a fatal blow. It doesn’t seem easy to get back into the baseball world.

All of a sudden, the KBO League suffered the third major blow following the WBC disaster and Seo Jun-won’s sexual assault of a minor. It’s scary at this point. It is a reality that you have to worry about ‘what will happen again’.

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