‘Debut goal explosion’ Hafa Silva…”The atmosphere of Jeonju Castle? Of course”

 Hafa Silva (31), who succeeded in scoring his debut goal and led Jeonbuk Hyundai to victory, emphasized that players should work hard for the fans.

Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC faced Incheon United in the 6th round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on the 9th at 4:30 pm and won 2-0.

Both Jeonbuk and Incheon played a difficult game in the first half of this match. The scoring chances did not come easily, and Jeonbuk and Incheon blocked each other. 토토사이트

In the 24th minute of the first half, Hong Shi-hoo and Ryu Jae-moon exchanged shots in the 40th minute, and at the end of the first half, Han Kyo-won attempted a shot, taking advantage of the confusion in the box at the end of the first half. Two minutes of extra time were given in the first half, but the first half ended without much chance.

At the beginning of the second half, Jeonbuk boldly changed players. Gustavo, Lee Min-hyeok, and Han Kyo-won, who were selected as starters, were all benched, and Hapa Silva, Dong-jun Lee, and Min-gyu Song were put in instead. Changed all attackers.

It worked. In the 13th minute of the second half, Jun Amano scored the opening goal. 

In the 44th minute of the second half, Hafa Silva put a wedge in the victory. Hafa Silva, who caught the ball handed over by Ryu Jae-moon, shook Incheon’s net with a right-footed shot after a solo dribble. After the game, Jeonbuk coach Kim Sang-sik expressed his anticipation, saying, “I think Hapa Silva is a player who can solve more problems. He will lead Jeonbuk’s attack in the future.”

After the match, Hafa Silva emphasized that the team’s performance comes first. The following is a Q&A with Hapha Silva.

– Game impressions.

There is no easy team in the K-League itself. Every team that comes to Jeonju is a team that is trying to get points somehow. Every game is going to be a difficult game. I would like to congratulate the team on winning this match. Even after 1-0, we all worked together to score an extra point.

– The atmosphere in the stadium was not good.

A team called Jeonbuk is showing performances and game results that fans are not satisfied with. I think it’s natural. I believe that if the players focus on that part a little more and show good performances and gradually bring victory points, the fans will cheer for the team and the players.

– Coach Kim Sang-shik said that he asked the players to win before the game. Did you say anything special right before the replacement?

He didn’t say anything else. He said thank you for running hard after the game. I talked with the players about doing their best in each game and doing their best until they reached a ranking suitable for Jeonbuk.

– Your physical condition.

It’s a little difficult to say what percentage it is in numbers. As I am gradually increasing my playing time, I am improving a lot in terms of players and organization. If I play every game, I think I can show a little better.

– Expectations are high for director Kim Sang-shik. Personal attack point target.

It’s hard to talk in numbers. I want to be a player who helps the team first rather than numbers. Even if you don’t score, you can be satisfied enough if you contribute to the team’s victory.

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