Daejeon recruits new prospects who will lead the club’s future, Kim Kyung-hwan and Jung Kang-min

Daejeon Hana Citizen recruited promising new players to lead the future of the club. Midfielders Kim Kyung-hwan and Jeong Kang-min joined Daejeon.

Kim Kyung-hwan (180cm, 73kg) from Boyin High School and Hanyang University is a next-generation prospect from the Republic of Korea U20 national team. Kim Kyung-hwan, who has been a promising player since high school, led Boin High School to the championship at the ’54th Presidential Gold Cup National High School Soccer Championship’ and won the Offense Award. He also won the best player award in the ‘2021 Weekend League’. He is a promising player who has been consistently on the U19 and U20 national teams led by coach Kim Eun-joong. 안전놀이터

Jeong Kang-min (175cm, 67kg) from Daeryunjung and Jinwi FC in Pyeongtaek combines speed, agility and flexibility. His stable ball management ability, accurate passing ability, wide field of vision, and vigorous activity are considered his strengths. In 2021, he won the ‘Higher Football Regional League’, won the ‘Keum Seok-bae National High School Football Tournament’, won the ‘No Semester National High School Football Tournament’, won the ‘Busan MBC National High School Football Tournament’, etc. swept

The two players said, “It is a great honor to step on the first professional stage at Daejeon Hana Citizen. revealed

Meanwhile, Daejeon has been running the B team since the 2022 season and has participated in the semi-professional K4 League. Through this, it has created a foundation for promising players to gain practical experience and raise their potential. As a result, Lim Deok-geun, Byun Jun-su, and Shin Sang-eun showed off their advanced skills last year and played an active part on the professional stage. This year, through the operation of Team B, we plan to focus our efforts on nurturing players who will lead the team in the future.

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