Confession of a 2023 rookie “I have a private account too, but…” As long as you don’t cross the line, there’s no problem 

 It was leaked that Seohyun Kim, the No. 1 nominee of the Hanwha Eagles, posted criticisms of coaches and fans on a private SNS account, and it is creating a big wave throughout the KBO league. Kim Seo-hyun was punished by being excluded from group training for three days and is self-refusing at the dorm until the 10th (Korean time).

He is scheduled to participate in training from the 11th, but the criticism of Kim Seo-hyun’s behavior still continues. Controversy is brewing even with the fact that he clicked ‘Like’ on the post of the 2nd division spring camp on the official SNS of the Hanwha Eagles on the day he was disciplined to ban training. 메이저놀이터

In the wake of this incident, the dangers of SNS are being raised once again. This time, it became a problem that the words that expressed the feelings at the time were leaked to the outside in a private account, not a public account.

However, most young people say they have private accounts. Along with a public account that many people can see, having one more account that only really close ‘Chin Chin’ can see. It is a space for communication only with close friends.

KT Wiz rookie pitcher Kim Jeong-woon was asked if he had a private social media account. Kim Jeong-un also said, “I have it too.” When asked about the purpose, he said, “It’s about posting funny pictures with friends and talking about fun things.” It is to the extent of making friends in an extremely private space of their own.

The club can’t stop you from using social media. Of course, you can’t tell them not to use social media with a private account.

The club also actively uses social media for publicity. If used well, it can be a medicine, but a single mistake can turn into a poison that can cause great trouble.

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