Coach Lee Man-soo, “Laos can win its first Asian Games!”

Director Lee Man-su, director of the Hulk Foundation, lives in happiness these days.

The reason was because the national baseball players entered the country from Laos, where he first went on a baseball mission. The Laos national team was selected here to conduct a joint field training program for the development of sports in developing countries by the Korea Sports Association and the Korea Baseball Softball Association (KBSA). Following last year, this year Laos came to Korea at the invitation of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and set up a camp in Incheon.

It was thanks to the consideration of Sangincheon Middle School that Laos became Incheon this year. In particular, coach Lee Man-soo expressed his gratitude to all those who helped, saying, “If it had not been for the active response of the Korea Sports Association, the Incheon Office of Education, and the association, it would have been very difficult to proceed with this Korean field training.”토토사이트

The Laos national team will play a total of 7 evaluation matches over 10 days and 9 nights. Already on the 19th, they faced Chunghun High School in Anyang, Chungam High School and Yulgok High School, as well as Suwon Buk Middle School, Shinheung Middle School, and Gyeonggi High School. And on the 26th, they will check their skills while playing against their home team, Sangincheon Middle School.

The level of the Laos national team is still at the level of domestic middle school baseball. So, in a short period of 9 nights and 10 days, you can learn and become familiar with advanced baseball in Korea. Just having a direct confrontation is a great training for the Laos national team.

On the 22nd, all Laos players and staff were invited to the Jamsil Baseball Stadium thanks to Doosan’s consideration. In particular, director Lee Man-soo explained that he was considerate of throwing the first pitch, the hitter, and the thrower on this day. It is Lee Man-soo’s candid feeling that he has the idea that with this level of experience, he may be able to dream of a win in the Asian Games.

Lastly, coach Lee Man-soo said, “Everyone said that baseball was impossible in Laos, where baseball was not even named, but now, 10 years later, flowers of hope for baseball are blooming in Laos. How can this not be overwhelming!” I was thrilled.

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