‘Chungcheong area rival composition’ notice… Director Choi Yoon-gyeom, “I want to overcome Chungnam Asan-Cheonan”

One of the wishes of director Choi Yoon-gyeom is to form a rivalry between teams in the Chungcheong region. He is coach Choi who expects even a cheering culture with a distinct color.

Chungbuk Cheongju FC held a press conference for the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp at 10 am on the 2nd at the Namhae Welfare Center located in Namhae-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do.

Cheongju will participate in the K-League 2 with Cheonan City FC from this season. Cheongju, which applied for membership in the federation last year, received the first approval from the board of directors, and was finally approved on the 17th of last month, confirming participation in the 2023 season K League 2.

Although it is a new club, the transfer market in Cheongju was as active as the existing clubs. They recruited many players with experience in K-League 1 and K-League 2, such as Ryu Won-woo, Kim Won-kyun, Lee Han-saem, and Park Geon, and also tried to bring in newcomers such as Lee Jeong-taek and Lee Min-hyung. Paulinho from the prestigious Corinthians in Brazil, Corgi (Cogilleswaran Raj), the Malaysian national team player, and foreign mercenaries like Peter also catch his eye.

At the official inauguration ceremony on the 3rd of last month, Cheongju announced its goal of promotion to the K-League 1 within 5 years. In terms of power alone, they have a squad that is not inferior to most K League 2 teams. In addition, the leadership of coach Choi Yoon-gyeom, who has accumulated experience as a leader in the K-League and overseas for a long time, is one of the reasons why Cheongju can expect the 2023 season.

Impressions and training progress

This year, rather than achievements, the goal is to promote the team called Cheongju. Of course, performance is important, but I look forward to promoting the team while doing things for the fans, such as public relations, marketing, and social contribution activities. However, it is natural to want to achieve some level of success as the head. It was difficult to supply and demand players because it was a new team that

harvested Thai field training .

I thought it would be nice if the players joined early and got along well together, but I needed time to get to know the players. Still, I think the results of the training were surprisingly good. In particular, since there are many experienced players, he led the team’s atmosphere and training well by passing on his experience and know-how to his juniors.

In the first training session, the players were equipped with the team’s tactical aspects, atmosphere, and sense of belonging. The players are preparing with eager hearts.

Differentiation from other Chungcheong-do teams

Rivals with other teams. I was also the manager of Daejeon in the past. Daejeon’s promotion to K-League 1 is something to celebrate, but I think it would have been fun if the four teams in Chungcheong Province formed a rivalry by staying in K-League 2. It would have been easy for fans to move because of the close distance. If so, I think there will be a lot of soccer fans.

Expectations for veteran players

I have an inbok. Senior players seem to have leadership. Ryu Won-woo, Lee Han-saem, Jang Hyuk-jin, and Park Geon are the main players, so they are getting along well with their juniors. Some of the players have been with me before, so I think it was possible because I knew the training style I required and how to use tactics.

He maintains good relations with the players even outside the training ground. I thought the training camp in Thailand was outdated, but it was nice to have a cafe or Korean restaurant. I saw players in groups of threes and threes going to a cafe. I think I had a good time overall because I had a lot of time to communicate during the field training.

Efforts to erase the feeling of amateurs We

judged a lot on the competitiveness of the players. It was decided after consulting with the existing staff, and I brought about four people from the K3 League. Sorry to the rest of the players. Other players also worked hard to promote Cheongju, but not all of them could. I take this opportunity to express my apologies.

In addition, I tried to identify candidates or competitive players from other teams and add them to the squad. Because it is a new team, the financial aspect could not be ignored. Comprehensive judgment was made and the team was formed with diversity in mind.

Philosophy, color, and vision of Cheongju

I want to use the expression soft landing. I took charge of the Sido Min team several times, but the team lacked continuity. It was unfortunate that the change of mayor and representative had an impact on the team, such as a decrease in competitiveness. Cheongju is expected to be able to maintain continuity because it is responsible for the rest besides the administrative part. I hope to become a team that steadily develops tomorrow, a month, and a year. As the first coach, I will try to help the team develop.

Therefore, as I mentioned earlier, I am trying to focus on creating an environment where I can be with my fans rather than immediate results. After that, other supports will follow. So I want to use the expression soft landing.

The Football You Want

Many coaches want Manchester City’s, or Paulo Bento’s, pass-oriented or attack-oriented football. I will try to follow this style too. I think the possibility is sufficient because there are many experienced players. I found players who fit this style, and when I communicated these things to the players during training, they were well received. I think it would be good to look forward to it.

The CEO’s words of wanting to become Korea’s Leicester City The CEO’s

passion has already been rumored in the soccer world. He was tired when he came to see the team in person. He had been in the area for a long time, so he knew the area and the local people really well.

메이저놀이터 First of all, the main axis of the team is experienced players, so we need time right now. Among the young players is Jung Hyeon-ho, who is 202 cm tall. First of all, I think that the physical condition is good and the potential for development is high, so I try to help the player grow by intensively training. In addition to this, several young players were selected, but it was not an attempt to match the assortment. We try to make the most of the system and develop our players. It won’t be easy, but if you give them lots of opportunities, the players will gain experience and become more confident. It’s possible if you can afford it.

Another personal goal is to get all players to play even for one minute. There are many players who disappear without a name after entering the professional world, but I want to give them even the smallest chance. It will take time, but I think if we build these things step by step, we will become a team like Leicester City. If support comes, the supply and demand of players will improve, and the club will develop.

Asking my son to attend the opening match

Fortunately, he said he was coming because he had time to spare. It’s not 100%, but I think it will come when the time comes. I’ve been busy doing concerts lately, but I thought it would be time that day, so I talked about it. I liked it even when I first heard that I was in charge of the team. I like soccer, so I think I will come to the stadium often.

target ranking

Aim for a single digit ranking. at least 9th First of all, there are two rival teams (Chungnam Asan, Cheonan), and I want to overcome these two teams. Besides this, I want to push out Gimpo and Ansan to take the top spot. In particular, it would be nice to form a rivalry structure and create a cheering culture with a distinct color for the fans.

(Formation of a rivalry in the Chungcheong region) In the case of Cheonan, they participated in the pro league together, and this is a team that has never won in the K3 League. The quality of the players was also high. Now that we have started on an equal footing, I would like to call them rivals. I also want to create a fan culture in the Chungcheong region where fans cheer for their teams.

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