‘Chinese Football Association apologist’ Huang Sun Honghao says we must fight against referees of this caliber

Is there a referee who doesn’t know the offside rule?

On the 12th of this month, the Chinese Super League featured a team that lost two points after an unbelievable call. It was Nantong Zhiyun.

The 13th-ranked Nantong Zhiyun faced the 16th-ranked team in the league, Dalian Pro. In the 20th minute of the second half, Nantong Zhiyun equalized on a counterattack after striker Gui Hong’s sprint from just inside the halfway line.

However, after reviewing the VAR, the referee ruled it offside and disallowed the goal.

Soccer fans were stunned, as anyone with even a passing knowledge of the game would have realized that Nantong Zhiyun’s attack from the halfway line was not offside, especially since the assistant referee saw it right in front of him and raised his flag.바카라사이트

According to Chinese soccer circles, the blatant officiating mistake led the Chinese Football Association to personally apologize to Nantong Ziyun. So did the organizers of the tournament, the Chinese Super League.

Of course, the referee was not a FIFA-accredited referee, but there are some ridiculous referees in Chinese soccer. Our country could be the victim of such a decision at any time.

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