Chae Wan-gi and Jang In-seong participated… Chance-Spider Jiu-Jitsu Competition held on the 12th

 High-end street brand CHAANCE is holding the ‘CHAANCE-SPYDER BJJ Road to Black Final’, where world-renowned Jiu-Jitsu players gather, on the 12th. It will be held at Seocho General Gymnasium.

The tournament will be held as a quarter-final tournament in two weight classes, 65kg and 75kg. In the 2021 Road to Black qualifier, 8 people from each weight class, including 3 people who ranked 1st to 3rd and 5 talented people invited by the organizers, will play a survival game for the championship.

The 65kg entrants are △Diego Sodre (preliminary 1st place) △Fabricio Andrei (preliminary 2nd place) △Kevin Carrasco (preliminary 3rd place) △Meyram Macquine (invited) △Shane Hill-Taylor (invited) △Lucas Pineiro (Invited) △Samuel Nagai (Invited) △Cha Wan-Ki (Invited).

The 75kg entrants are: △Jonathan Pesanha (1st place in the preliminary round) △Boncheol Koo (2nd place in the preliminary round) △Baek Seung-moon (3rd place in the preliminary round) △Andy Murasaki (invited) △Marcio Andre (invited) △Lucas Valente (invited) △Natan Chueng (Invited) △ Jang In-seong (invited).

On the day of the tournament, the 1st to 3rd places in the preliminaries point to the opponent they want to fight in the quarterfinals, and the remaining 2 invited players face off to decide the tournament match.

Former UFC fighter Damian Maia will compete in a special match. The opponent is Kim Sang-wook, a disciple of ‘Stun Gun’ Kim Dong-hyun, who made his name and face known in ‘Steel Troops’. The rules of the match between the two players will be revealed on the 8th. Attention is focusing on whether disciple Kim Sang-wook will be able to take revenge on Maia, who had won a TKO victory over mentor Kim Dong-hyun in the UFC. 온라인카지노

Tickets for this event can be purchased through Chance’s official website. VIP seats 250,000 won, regular seats 30,000 won.

Following this competition, Chance will hold three series competitions until next February. We are planning the road to black open championship qualifiers in June, the road to black semifinals in October, and the road to black finals in February next year.

Chance is a high-end street brand participating in New York Fashion Week from the 2022 S/S season to the 2023 S/S season. It presents collections inspired by Los Angeles in the 1990s, giving off a street hip-hop atmosphere with the romance of nature and the city.

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