Boston officially announces ’11-year-413.8 billion won contract’ with Devers

Rafael Devers (27), who will be the owner of Fenway Park for the next several years, has officially announced a contract with the Boston Red Sox. That means Devers passed Boston’s physical.

The Boston club said on the 12th (hereinafter Korean time) through official SNS that an 11-year-$331 million contract with Devers was officially confirmed.

Previously, Devers signed a one-year, $17.5 million contract with Boston on the 4th. This is a contract in the final year of eligibility to apply for salary adjustment. Immediately after that, an 11-year contract came out.

This contract includes one year of the 2023 season – $17.5 million. That is, immediately after the one-year $17.5 million contract, plus the 10-year $313.5 million contract.

Devers was born in 1996 and was expected to get a better contract than Aaron Judge (9 years, $360 million) if he went to the free agency market after the 2023 season.

However, Devers signed with Boston early and chose stability. Devers now wears a Boston uniform until the 2023 season. He became the de facto owner of Fenway Park. 메이저사이트

Devers, who will be in his 7th year in the major leagues, recorded a batting average of 0.295, 27 homers, 88 RBIs, 84 runs, and an on-base percentage of 0.358 OPS of 0.879 in 141 games last season as a third baseman.

He was selected as an All-Star for two consecutive years in 2021 and last year. He also won the Silver Slugger last year in 2021 when he hit 38 homers -113 RBI and 37 doubles.

Devers has excellent home run power and double production ability. In 2019, he ranked first in the category with 54 doubles. He also had 42 doubles last year.

What is surprising is that Devers has recorded the most extra-base hits in the major leagues over the past four seasons. With a total of 264, it ranks first in this category.

Boston has failed to capture Zander Bogarts in this free agent market. However, the power loss was prevented by tying Debus early.

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