Barcelona likely to say goodbye to veteran LB after Busquets… Meet Messi in Saudi Arabia

 Along with Lionel Messi, players who enjoyed an era in Barcelona are leaving. 

On the 10th (Korean time), Barcelona announced on the club’s official website that “Busquets will leave Barcelona at the end of the season.” 

Busquets, who made his professional debut in Barcelona in 2008, is a player who spent a golden age with Barcelona, ​​winning a total of 30 championships. 

As for the reason for Busquets’ departure, Spanish media Lelevo and Marca said, “Busquets was offered a new contract with a much lower wage, but this is one of the reasons he decided to leave. I wanted to leave the team and I thought winning the league as captain would be the perfect way.”

In the midst of this, the possibility of one more legend leaving along with Busquets after this season has been raised. 

Spanish media Football España reported that “Jordi Alba will meet with Barcelona to discuss two options”.

Alba is a veteran defender who has shown tremendous performance since moving to Barcelona from Valencia in 2012. Since joining Barcelona, ​​he has won 5 La Liga titles, 5 Copa del Rey titles, 1 UEFA Champions League title, and in the 2018/19 season, he was also the Champions League assist king.

But even he couldn’t get over the years. This season, more and more cases of defending the bench have been given to Alejandro Balde, one of Barcelona’s top prospects, as the starting fullback. 

Football España said, “Alba will receive 38 million euros (about 55.1 billion won) in wages next season. Barcelona wants to send Alba or change the contract to reduce costs.” 

“Barcelona will offer Alba two options. Either cut the salary significantly or terminate the contract. Alba has expressed its willingness to cut salaries in the past, but has the right to completely reject the club’s request.” He explained that it is not yet known what decision Alba will make. 

If Alba, like Busquets, chooses to terminate his contract with Barcelona in order to maintain his salary and finish well, Barcelona will release two team legends at the same time after this season. 

The two players are players who boast a deep friendship with Messi, and recently, in the Spanish media, there was also a report that the two players may head together if Messi heads to Saudi Arabia.온라인카지노 

The problem is that one of the reasons why Barcelona are reducing wages is because of Messi’s return. According to local reports in Spain, Barcelona is in a situation where it has to earn about 100 million euros (about 145.1 billion won) by reducing wages and selling players to return to Messi, and to this end, it is requesting a weekly wage cut for veteran players.

It is unknown whether Messi will actively reveal his intention to return to Barcelona, ​​as all of his former teammates have left, following Busquets to Alba. The departure of the two players may rather accelerate Messi’s trip to Saudi Arabia. 

It seems that Barcelona’s choice to part with team legends for financial reasons will be able to confirm in the coming summer transfer market. 

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