At that time, the V-League All-Star Game ‘Seon Dong-yeol served and Hong Myung-bo defended’

The professional volleyball 2022-2023 season V-League All-Star Game will be held at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on the 29th.

The All-Star Game is a time when special gifts are given to fans. This is because the players, who have only focused on the game on the court because of the ranking competition, show off their hidden talents by showing off their celebrations with cool dances or ridiculous moves after scoring.

Most recently, Hyundai E&C’s Lee Da-hyun performed a dance ceremony with director Kang Seong-hyun, drawing fans’ attention, and KEPCO’s Seo Jae-deok imitated Freddie Mercury, the lead vocalist of the legendary rock band Queen, to thrill the audience. 먹튀검증

But in the past, beyond volleyball, legendary stars in Korean sports appeared in the V-League All-Star Game.

In the 2011 All-Star Game, legends representing sports such as Seon Dong-yeol in baseball and Hong Myung-bo in soccer participated in the event.

What is the volleyball all-star game? Former players Mungyeong-eun and Woo Ji-won, who represented the basketball event, received special tutoring from former coach Shin Jin-sik, a brown bomber, and even trained at night.

Tolerable star★ We summon the scene of the past volleyball all-star game, which could not be played unless it was from a star level.

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