Announcement of the list of players belonging to the KBO 2023 season, the most with 62 SSG players and 7 Samsung rookies

Reporter Kim Kyung-hyun = KBO announced the list of players belonging to the 2023 KBO League on the 10th. Ten clubs registered a total of 588 players. This is a decrease of 18 compared to last year’s 606.

Of the 10 clubs, the club that registered the most players was SSG, which registered a total of 62 players. Following SSG, Kiwoom and Samsung each registered 61 people. KIA registered 60 people, LG, KT, Lotte, and Hanwha each registered 58 people. Samsung registered the most new players among all clubs, including 7 new players on the roster. 슬롯사이트

By position, pitchers accounted for 52% of all players with 306, the largest number of pitchers. This is a decrease of 11 compared to last year. Among the 10 clubs, SSG, LG, and KIA registered the most pitchers, with a total of 33 pitchers.

In other positions, 130 infielders accounted for 22.1% of the total, followed by 104 outfielders (17.7%) and 48 catchers (8.2%). Of all positions, only infielders recorded a 3% increase, up 4 from 126 last year.

There are a total of 53 new players, 9% of the total number of players. Compared to last year’s 50 (8.3%), it increased slightly. Rookie players also had the highest proportion of pitchers (58.5%). The number of rookie players by position is 31 pitchers, 11 infielders, 8 outfielders, and 3 catchers.

The total number of registered players decreased compared to last year, but the number of coaches increased by 16. A total of 267 coaches were registered this year, compared to 251 last year. KIA registered the most 38 coaches and Kiwoom the least 17 coaches.

On the other hand, KBO plans to announce salary-related analysis data later when the salary tally of its players is completed.

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