Aftermath of the FTX bankruptcy… Looking for a new sponsor for the home stadium of the Miami Heat

The home stadium of the NBA’s Miami Heat is looking for a new naming sponsor.

‘AP’ said on the 14th 카지노 that Miami’s home stadium will be called the Miami-Dade Arena for the time being, and they will be looking for a sponsor company to give it a new name.

Built in downtown Miami in 1999, the stadium is owned by Miami-Dade County. In 2021, it signed a 19-year, $135 million naming sponsor contract with cryptocurrency trading company FTX. Heat clubs using the arena were to receive $2 million annually.

However, things changed when FTX went bankrupt. Since November of last year, work to terminate the contract began, and when the court ordered the cancellation of this sponsorship contract, the name of FTX was officially erased.

It is expected that it will take time to completely erase any trace of FTX from the arena. This is because the company logo is engraved all over the stadium, including the outer walls and ceiling of the stadium as well as the court.

Previously, it was called American Airlines Arena with one of the largest US airlines, American Airlines, signing a sponsorship contract.

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