After the showcase, Utah heats up the trade market

The Utah Jazz (hereafter referred to as Utah) is heating up the trade market once again.

Utah recently announced that they can sell all players except for Lauri Makkanen, Walker Kessler and Ochai Akbaji.

Previously, Utah players surprised everyone by taking first place in the West at the beginning of the league, and even after the middle of the season, they maintained a 50% win rate with 27 wins and 27 losses. Thus, they proved their worth to themselves.

As a result, many clubs are paying attention to Utah’s sale.

■ Perfect for a small lineup center
Among the many Utah players, Jared Vanderbilt is by far the player who gets the most attention.

It has been reported that Vanderbilt has already been offered several second-round picks by an unnamed club in exchange for a trade.

Vanderbilt is 6-foot-9, 214 pounds (206 cm, 97 kg) and can play at the power forward and center positions. He showed his true value without fail in the limited business trip time of 25 minutes.

Vanderbilt doesn’t have a shot, but he does cut-in points, rebounds and screen plays with a brisk pace. At the same time, he has the advantage of being able to play the role of a linker as well. Therefore, Vanderbilt can perform the same duties as Draymond Green (Golden State Warriors), who plays as a small lineup center.

■ Veteran Point Guard
These days, handlers are price in gold.

Mike Conley is an older player in this regard, but he is still considered an attractive card.

Conley leads Utah with his stable reading ability. He committed 2.2 turnovers while delivering 7.6 assists this season. This is an astounding figure with a turnover ratio of 3.5 assists. Additionally, Conley has shown great leadership in Memphis and has plenty of playoff experience.

Current NBA teams are expected to bleed a lot to get Frederick VanVleet, the most expensive handler on the trade market. But Conley most likely won’t, given a reasonable price. Teams that need a point guard will have no choice but to salivate at Conley. 토토사이트

■ Explosive pure shooter
Beasley is a proven shooter with a career average 3-point success rate of 38% (2.2 successes) and has the explosive power to score 35 points.

First and foremost, he’s not as good at shooting, but he’s an all-around player who can serve as an isolation and pick-and-roll handler. However, Beasley has a weakness that he shows an easy look several times in defense.

As a result, many teams may not pay much in return for Beasley, but there is a possibility of being traded at a higher price than expected if competition for recruitment intensifies.

In addition to this, Utah is also full of good players such as Jordan Clarkson and Kelly Olynick.

Meanwhile, Utah is said to have been on the phone with every team in the league at least once. Moreover, Utah revealed that he would not make a deep sale on those ahead of him, and he would only accept offers they were satisfied with.

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