A huge 50% discount on the Man Utd ransom, because there is an Italian defender

As Manchester United prepares for the summer reform early, there is a name that rises without falling into the killing department. It is Harry Maguire (30) who is treated like a gag.

According to British Internet media ‘Team Talk’ on the 16th (Korean time), Manchester United and Manchester City are watching promising Italian defender Alessandro Bastoni (24, Inter Milan).

Atalanta-born Bastoni joined Inter Milan in the summer of 2019 after spending time on loan at Parma. As his years passed, his skills improved and he became a target for recruitment by several clubs.토토사이트

Bastoni’s situation this season is complicated. It took an emergency to secure the right to advance to the European Football Federation Champions League (UCL) next season. 5 is not easy. We have to fight fiercely and get results within 4th place. For Bastoni, who is experiencing the UCL for the third season, the experience of European club competition itself is precious.

That’s why it’s meaningful to be in the UCL quarterfinals now. Benfica also won 2-0 in the first leg away, raising the possibility of advancing to the semifinals. Even if they draw at home, they will advance to the semifinals and compete with the winner of AC Milan-Napoli for the final.

From FC Porto in the round of 16 to Benfica in the first leg of the quarterfinals, Baston led a scoreless victory. He is more valuable as a left-footed central defender. His contract with Inter ends in the summer of 2024. Initially, Tottenham Hotspur was interested, but gave up at a ransom of 50 million pounds (approximately 81.1 billion won) and replaced it with Clement Lungle lease.

In the end, the gaze is narrowed to Manchester. The media said, ‘Man Utd is trying to recruit Kim Min-jae (Napoli) and Bastoni. Raphael Varane’s position is unwavering and is a replacement regardless of the injury of Lisandro Martinez.’

Man United seems to be firm in their position to send Maguire. ‘Torque Sports’ said, ‘Man United thinks it is a success even if it saves half of the transfer fee of £80 million (approximately KRW 131.1 billion) paid to Leicester City at the time of signing Maguire in 2019’, discounting the ransom to £40 million (approximately KRW 64.9 billion). Won) has a strong will to receive and pass it on.

However, Man City also has a plan to export Aymeric Laporte, so fierce competition with Man Utd is expected. The uniqueness of being left-footed makes Manchester City’s will to recruit more intense. There is also a way to use Levy Colwill, who was sent on loan to Brighton Hove Albion, but it is judged that Bastoni is better by accumulating UCL experience.

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