A gift from Mayor Hong Joon-pyo, a space for the KOGAS office is created

The Daegu Korea Gas Corporation basketball team will have an office space for coaching staff and the secretariat from 2023. Currently, we are planning to enter the construction of renovating the weightlifting hall right next to the Daegu Gymnasium.

After acquiring Incheon Electronic Land last year, KOGAS selected Daegu as its hometown. It was not welcomed by the city of Daegu. On the first day of training in Daegu, I faced opposition from the Daegu Metropolitan City Sports Association. A meeting was held to announce a statement opposing the exclusive use of Daegu Gymnasium by Gas Corporation, centering on indoor sports groups that can mainly use Daegu Gymnasium. They insisted that KOGAS build the gym itself.

It can be seen that the city of Daegu, which knew that KOGAS, headquartered in Daegu, had to choose Daegu as its hometown, acted with power. KOGAS played last season without signing an agreement with Daegu City.

The mayor of Daegu has been changed to Mayor Hong Joon-pyo. The city’s position has also changed. Of course, it was necessary to sign an agreement with KOGAS.

Hong Joon-pyo, mayor of Daegu, promised the best administrative support even if he could not financially support KOGAS.

Thanks to the promise of Mayor Hong Joon-pyo, KOGAS was able to use the weightlifting hall next to the Daegu Gymnasium as a dedicated space. Of course it’s a rental.

It is not a building inside the Daegu Gymnasium, but it is very useful because it is located across the parking lot. This is especially true considering that KOGAS was considering renting a building near the Daegu Gymnasium to prepare office space.

Gas Corporation tried to have a restaurant in the weightlifting hall that was responsible for meals for the players, but it was not possible to operate a restaurant in the weightlifting gym, a sports facility. In order to use it as a restaurant, the use must be changed, but the city of Daegu looked at it negatively.

Even so, there is a dedicated space for the coaching staff and the secretariat.

KOGAS has currently placed an order for construction services. Bidding closes at 10:00 am on the 22nd.

According to the design drawing, the director’s office, supervisor’s office, offices for staff and secretariat, conference room, shower room, etc. will be set up. According to an official from Gas Corporation, even a rest area for players is being considered.

In addition, there is a plan to store various items and materials related to the basketball team in order to use them in the future.

Secretariat staff are working at the head office. Because they are so far away from the players, some employees used their vacation to watch and communicate with the players.

If the secretariat office is set up here, more attention can be paid to supporting the athletes. The office space of the manager and coaching staff, which had been in the gym of the Daegu Bank 2nd Bank head office until now, will be moved to the weightlifting hall. 안전놀이터

After Hong Joon-pyo took office as mayor, KOGAS signed an agreement with the city of Daegu, and as a result, they secured their own office space.

The expected construction period is 12 days, so if the construction site is selected immediately, the coaching staff and the secretariat can work here from the beginning of January next year.