A billion dollar lawn ruined by a jamboree performance…Ministry of Culture “emergency repair”

A K-pop concert and the closing ceremony of the Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree have damaged the turf of the Seoul World Cup stadium, and soccer fans are upset. The government has promised urgent repairs, but there have been criticisms that it is a waste of taxpayer money.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said on Nov. 13, “We have been budgeting for the restoration of the stadium since the planning stage of the Jamboree K-pop concert,” adding, “We will closely examine the ground conditions and carry out emergency repairs such as replanting the dedicated grass.”

In October 2021, the Seoul Facilities Management Corporation invested KRW 1 billion to lay hybrid grass (95% natural grass, 5% artificial grass) at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. Seoul World Cup Stadium has been heavily criticized for its poor turf conditions. Even Son Heung-min, who played there in 2017, pointed out, “I would like to ask who can play adventurously on this kind of turf.”

Since the hybrid turf was laid, the complex has been meticulously maintained. It stopped hosting large concerts to prevent damage to the turf. When events are held, stages are set up outside the turf to minimize damage. Singer Lim Young-woong, who performed at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in April, made headlines when he and his dancers all wore soccer shoes on the field to protect the grass.바카라사이트

However, with the Jamboree K-pop concert and closing ceremony being held at the stadium at short notice, soccer fans have been criticizing the damage to the turf. One online community expressed mixed reactions, saying, “Doesn’t it make sense to tear up the stadium in the middle of the season?” “It’s another waste of taxpayer money,” and “Lim Young-woong used to wear soccer shoes to protect the grass.”

On the other hand, some people said, “It would be a great effect if the K-pop concert restored the damaged image,” “You should use it when you need it, not worship the grass,” and “The concert was held because you can’t damage anything worse than the grass.”

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