97 all 98 classes in 4 years… “I want to be ‘Gayoung Again’ who wins again this year”

“It should be ‘To Ga-young’ who wins again, not ‘Ga-young Toto’ who is runner-up again.”

Lee Ga-young (24) heard her first trophy at the Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour Dongbu Engineering & Construction Korea Land Trust Championship, which she participated in last October. It was a valuable achievement for her in her 98th appearance since joining the KLPGA in March 2018. Before her, it was her runner-up regular. Starting with her first runner-up at the ADT Caps Championship, her last tournament in 2019, she won the McCall Mona Park Open in July 2021, the Chris F & CKLPGA Championship in April 2022, and the Kyochon Honey Ladies Open in May. I missed the championship right in front of me. In her four years, she had 22 top 10 competitions, but she seldom had a winning relationship. I wonder if her nickname would have been ‘Lee Ga-young, the runner-up again (Ga-young again)’.

Lee Ga-young said in a recent phone interview with Munhwa Ilbo, “She was a long-awaited victory, but after finishing it, she was calmer than I thought. Still, she was really happy at that moment,” recalling her first win. She continued, “(In 2022) she achieved the championship, but there are still many shortcomings and regrets. It was a season she deserved 70 points. Golf player Lee Ga-young still has a lot left to fill in.”

In fact, the nickname ‘Gayoung Again’ had a lot of negative connotations. It could have been a bad jinx because he was frustrated every time on the threshold of winning. However, Lee Ga-young said, “She is good at second place, so why did she want to talk so much? he confessed Gayoung Lee, her 1999 year of the Rabbit, is determined to lift her second championship trophy in the year of her own zodiac. She said, “She had good results last year too, but her goal is to put out better records. She broke the jinx with her first win, so of course I want to increase the multiplier,” she said. “After she won last year, my thoughts on my nickname changed. She will change the meaning of the nickname ‘Gayoung Again’ to ‘Gayoung Lee who wins again’” she expressed her aspirations. 먹튀검증

Lee Ga-yeong, a native of Uiryeong, Gyeongsangnam-do, was in the 5th grade of elementary school. Her parents, who did not play golf, promised her young daughter’s insistence that “if she does well on her exams, she will let her play golf” could start Gayoung Lee’s strongest supporter is her family. Neither Lee Ga-young’s father nor her mother still play golf. The same goes for her older brother, who is two years older than her. Lee Ga-young said, “When her first championship was decided, the first thing she thought of was her parents and fans who always came to the competition and cheered her on.” it happened Her brother always tells a lot of encouraging stories. My brother and sister are so close that others would envy them,” she laughed.

Lee Ga-young is currently training in the winter near Bangkok, Thailand. After finishing the 2022 season, she devoted herself to strength training in Korea, and moved to Thailand on the 15th to train until early March. In her field training this time, she is with Choi Hye-jin of the LPGA Tour, whom she is usually friendly with. She is paying a lot of her attention to her stamina, especially she this year. This is because in early August of last year, she was confirmed with Corona 19 and she suffered physical difficulties.

“She was able to get her first win last year after recovering well from COVID-19,” she said. She realized that fitness is important. She also needs to complete her approach and putt around the green to a satisfactory level for her second win. After training hard here in Thailand, I want to come back and become ‘Gayoung Again’ this season.”

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