88th minute rain interruption, Won Tae-in goes down after throwing 3 arirang balls “because of injury concerns…”

Samsung’s homegrown ace Won Tae-in, 23, was pulled early due to rain in a game against KIA in Daegu on April 20. After getting Kim Tae-gun to ground out to the pitcher in the third inning, he was replaced after 2 1/3 innings of two-hit ball with one strikeout and no walks. He threw just 33 pitches.

After cruising through the first two innings, Won’s momentum was interrupted by rain. After he took the mound in the third inning, a heavy downpour began. The umpires called a halt to the game at 5:31 p.m. The game was suspended for 88 minutes before resuming at 6:59 p.m. after the grounds were repaired.

After the game resumed, Won Tae-in took the mound again, but he threw with all his strength against Kim Tae-gun. He threw a 94-kilometer changeup for a first pitch, a 78-kilometer curveball for a second strike, and a 91-kilometer slider for a third to induce a grounder in front of the plate.

After striking out Kim Tae-gun, Won walked off the mound with a big smile on his face. According to Article 5, Paragraph 10 of the Baseball Rules, if a pitcher crosses the foul line before the start of an inning, he must face one batter, and Won Tae-in could only leave the mound after Kim Tae-woo had completed his at-bat.

Unlike KIA starter Hwang Dong-ha, who continued pitching after the game resumed, Won Tae-in was removed for a reason.

Samsung manager Park Jin-man said in an interview before the 22nd game against Hanwha, “Won Tae-in told me that he had a situation like that once before, and he felt something wrong with his body while throwing. He was worried about injury, so he changed after facing only one batter.” “The player himself was also cautious because he had something like that before. The coaching staff also made the decision to change him to protect him.”안전놀이터

Despite Won going down early, Kim Dae-woo (1⅔ scoreless innings) and Hong Jung-woo (1⅓ scoreless innings) pitched well until the fifth inning, and Samsung won 6-4. Manager Park Jin-man said, “Kim Dae-woo, who came in after Won Tae-in, did a good job. The bullpen pitched well and allowed us to win the game in the middle and late innings,” Park praised the bullpen.

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