‘4 consecutive losses’ Coach Heejin Koh “Hyundai E&C is definitely better, a game that has no choice but to be acknowledged”

“Hyundai E&C is definitely better than us.”

KGC Ginseng Corporation scored a set score of 1-3 (25 -23, 23-25, 21-25, 16-25). The last 4 consecutive losses are sluggish.

Coach Hee-jin Koh said in an interview after the game, “Hyundai E&C is definitely better than us. It is a match that must be acknowledged in every way. It’s not easy when Hwang Yeon-joo does that. We tried to do something, but the opponent’s momentum was amazing,” he said. 메이저사이트

Ginseng Corporation, which has recently suffered a losing streak, won the first set and took advantage, but lost three sets after many offenses. Director Ko Hee-jin said, “Setter Yeom Hye-sun seems to be under a bit of pressure. The whole team seemed uneasy as the unstable toss came out, probably because the game to go to the postseason continued. I have to practice again and catch up.” He continued, “I hope Yeom Hye-sun doesn’t die and do that. It does not mean that he lost because of Yeom Hye-seon, but that the toss was slightly shaken. It is never to blame,” he added.

Jeong Ho-young, who showed a good performance recently, recorded only 6 points (attack success rate 31.25%) in the game that day. Director Ko Hee-jin said, “Jeong Ho-young has never had the experience of running a long-term race this long. It is a situation where there are bound to be ups and downs in the condition. He encouraged me, saying, “Just because he felt a little sorry today, he doesn’t have to die.”

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