3 months long journey… Correa’s first free agent, ‘only scarred’, returns to Minnesota

 I turned around and found my team, but only wounds. This is a story about Carlos Correa (29), who was the most unlucky in the free agent market this offseason.

Local media, including sports media ‘ESPN’, reported on the 11th (Korean time) that “Corea and Minnesota signed a six-year contract.” The contract is worth 200 million dollars (approximately 248.5 billion won) over 6 years under the agreement, and can go up to 270 million dollars (approximately 335.5 billion won) depending on options.

Correa opted out after last season and left the Minnesota Twins, dreaming of becoming a free agent. Market conditions have also been positive. Correa received high praise along with many top-class shortstops such as Zander Bogatz (31, San Diego Padres), Trey Turner (30, Philadelphia Phillies), and Dansby Swanson (29, Chicago Cubs).

Many teams showed interest in signing Correa, and the San Francisco Giants agreed to a contract with Correa in mid-December. He dreamed of strengthening his depth by giving him unconventional treatment with 350 million dollars (approximately 435.3 billion won) in 13 years.

The FA jackpot was on the verge, but problems arose immediately. In 2014, while playing in the minor leagues, his contract was canceled due to a medical test issue with speculation that a metal plate inserted was a problem due to an ankle fracture.

Correa moved quickly, and seemed to find a new home by agreeing to a 12-year, $315 million (approximately 391.8 billion won) contract with the New York Mets within three days. But again a problem arose. The Mets have raised questions about Correa’s medical test results. The deal stalled, and two weeks later, Correa joined his former team, Minnesota.

It was a big loss to Correa. He dreamed of becoming a free agent, but his contract period and total amount were significantly reduced due to his physical condition. Health problems may follow like a tag as he failed to pass the medical tests of the two clubs. It was an off-season that only hurt in many ways. 슬롯사이트

Meanwhile, Correa has yet to officially sign a contract with Minnesota. The medical test that made Corea cry remains. However, since Correa played for Minnesota last year, it is estimated that he will pass relatively flexibly.

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