20 billion won without throwing a ball for 2 years… But again, ‘re-employment’

Trevor Rosenthal (33), a pitcher who has received a total of 15.5 million dollars (about 20.1 billion won) over the past two years, but has not pitched in a single game, has found a new team again. 

The Detroit Tigers announced a minor league contract with free agent pitcher Rosenthal on the 5th (hereinafter referred to as Korean time). With a contract that included an invitation to big league spring training, he wore the Detroit uniform again after 4 years since 2019. According to the ‘Detroit Free Press’, Rosenthal will receive up to $2 million if promoted to the big leagues. 

Rosenthal has no major league pitches in the past two years. In 2021, he signed a one-year, $11 million contract with the Oakland Athletics, but after undergoing surgery for shoulder thoracic outlet syndrome in early April, he ruptured his right hip joint in July and ended without throwing a ball.  먹튀검증

Last year, he was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers after signing a one-year, $4.5 million contract with the San Francisco Giants during the July season. Milwaukee, who brought in Rosenthal to reinforce the bullpen, failed to use even one game. Even at the time of signing with San Francisco, Rosenthal, who was delayed due to a bad hamstring, suffered a latissimus dorsi injury in three games at Triple-A after moving to Milwaukee, and ended the season as it was. 

After earning $15.5 million over two years and not pitching in the majors, Rosenthal got another chance with Detroit. As he was once a leading closer in the major leagues, Detroit scratches the lottery ticket with a minor contract. 

Rosenthal, who was a top 100 mile fireballer, debuted with the St. Louis Cardinals in 2012, then went through the Washington Nationals, Detroit, Kansas City Royals, and San Diego Padres, and until 2020, 8 major league seasons, 373 games (364 innings), 12 wins, 25 losses, and 132 saves. He recorded an ERA of 3.36 and 490 strikeouts. 

While he was in St. Louis, he had 45 saves in 2014 and 48 in 2015, making 45 or more saves for two consecutive years. In particular, in 2015, he posted an earned run average of 2.10 and was also ranked 17th in the National League (NL) MVP along with an All-Star. 

However, Rosenthal, who gave up the finishing position to Oh Seung-hwan (Samsung) during the season as his pitching fluctuated sharply in 2016, went downhill after undergoing elbow ligament joint surgery in 2017. He was released from St. Louis after the season after undergoing full rehabilitation in 2018, and became a journeyman who changed teams every year. During the shortened Corona 19 season in 2020, he made a surprise comeback with 23 games (23⅔ innings), 1 win, 11 saves, an average ERA of 1.90 and 38 strikeouts, but after that, he received only a salary and took a break due to an injury for the next two years.

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