1st team survived… Shi-wan Ji and Jung Bo-geun backup catcher audition

There are four catchers (Yoo Kang-nam, Ji-wan Ji-wan, Lee Jung-hoon, and Kang Tae-yul) on the roster for the Lotte spring camp. There’s a very good chance one of them will wear the catcher’s mask this season. After sending Kang Min-ho to Samsung in 2017, Lotte has not been able to find a major catcher. Several catchers tried, but none of them got a passing score. But this year is different. This is because Yoo Kang-nam, wearing a Lotte uniform as a free agent, has a unique presence from the camp.

Kangnam Yoo signed a large contract worth 8 billion won over 4 years. Among free agent catchers, Yang Eui-ji (Doosan, 15.2 billion won) was the second highest ransom. Gangnam Yoo is proving his ransom by himself. At the camp, the players stick out their tongues while looking at Yoo Kang-nam’s glove. It is because of Yoo Kang-nam’s amazing ‘framing’ that helps the pitcher’s bullpen pitching. Key pitchers such as Han Hyun-hee and Kim Won-joong exclaimed at his mitt, which turned a pitch that could have turned into a ball into a strike.

Yoo Kang-nam spares no advice to his junior players and is also exerting a ‘good influence’. There is no disagreement that Yoo Kang-nam will be the starting catcher this season.

Kang-Nam Yoo, whose innate stamina is his weapon, is unreasonable to play in all games. It is very rare for a catcher who consumes more stamina than other positions to play full-time. For this reason, attention is focused on candidates who will fill his backup catcher position. Currently, Jung Bo-geun, Ji-wan Ji, and Jung-hoon Lee are being mentioned.

First of all, Jung Bo-geun played in 95 games, the most among Lotte catchers last year. Jeong Bo-geun, who was nominated by Lotte with the 83rd overall ranking in 2018, has been hindered by a weak blow compared to his excellent defensive ability. His batting average last year was only 0.191. 바카라사이트

Fortunately for him, as the military service issue was resolved, he was able to focus on baseball. After being judged as a public service worker due to ‘flat feet’ in 2018, he was recently exempted from ‘long-term waiting’.

Jeong Bo-geun, who was missing from the roster for this spring camp due to an injury he sustained last year, is currently training with Park Se-woong, the ‘Glasses Ace’, at Sangdong Stadium in Gimhae. He said, “(Yoo) Gangnam is preparing to support the defense well as a backup catcher following his older brother,” and “his batting practice is also steady.”

Ji Ji-wan, who woke up to long hits, is also a candidate. Ji Ji-wan played 75 games last year, the second most after Jeong Bo-geun, and his batting average (0.213), slugging percentage (0.305), and OPS (0.604) were the highest among Lotte catchers. However, he received a failing grade in defense, which is the basis of a catcher. His stealing rate last year was 17.6%, the lowest among Lotte catchers. His blocking ability is also not good, so he has a lot of homework to solve.

Veteran Lee Jung-hoon, who was released from KIA last year and joined Lotte, also jumps into the competition. Lee Jung-hoon, who played an active role as an infielder in high school, has strong shoulders and strong throwing ability. After his professional debut in 2017, his career batting average was only 0.229, but compared to the performance of Lotte catchers last year, it is superior, raising expectations from fans.

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