174 billion won Mad Max is back… Race for second place with the most wins in ML, Dodgers legend

‘Mad Max’ Max Scherzer (38, New York Mets), who boasts a ransom of 130 million dollars (approximately 174 billion won), is back.

Scherzer started the 2023 Major League Baseball away game against Washington Nationals held at Nationals Park in Washington, DC, USA on the 15th (hereinafter Korean time), won 3 wins (2 losses) of the season with 2 hits, 6 strikeouts, 2 walks and 1 run in 5 innings. His ERA for the season was 4.88.

It is true that the average ERA of 4.88 is awkward for Scherzer. He’s definitely going to struggle this season. His shoulders, neck, and other parts are also diverse. It has been a month and a half since the start of the season, and he has only digested 27.2 innings in 6 games. Considering the modifier that he is the first player in MLB history to earn $40 million in AAV, this is a disappointing move.

However, there is still an expectation that if you are healthy, you will be different from what you have been up to now. It has been 11 days since the match against the Detroit Tigers on the 4th. He threw a 94.5 mph four-seam off Lane Thomas in the first inning, mixing up a curveball and changeup. He got a right-handed hit by Luis García, but managed a 95-mph four-seam line drive to right field from Jamie Candelario.

Scherzer gave up a walk to Dominic Smith in the second inning, and then CJ Abrams’ changeup was driven to the middle, leading the way with an RBI and a mid-month double. Also in the third inning, he allowed a stolen second base after sending leadoff batter Thomas out on a walk. However, starting with Garcia, he had fun using breaking balls such as curveballs and changeups for subsequent hitters.토토사이트

Since then, even when Scherzer turned the 4th inning into a tripartite, there were many breaking ball games. Scherzer got on the mound in the fifth inning lightheartedly, with the Mets’ lineup scoring eight runs in only five innings. He cooked three batters in a tripartite offense. His fastball was between 93 and 94 mph.

With the win, Scherzer took his personal career to 204 victories. He surpassed Clayton Kershaw (LA Dodgers), who had 203 wins, and ranked third with the most wins in his career. It’s true that Scherzer’s multiplier clock is a bit slow compared to Kershaw’s eight wins this season. This season, the two will pursue Jack Greinke (40, Kansas City Royals, 224 wins), who is second in the most wins. It is a golden opportunity for Scherzer and Kershaw, as Greinke’s deterioration is evident.

For Scherzer, age and durability are the most important. Anyway, it is certain that Kershaw, who is three years younger than himself, ultimately has an advantage in the race with the most wins. However, Kershaw is also a pitcher whose health is always an issue. As long as both are healthy, it could be an interesting race.

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