‘100% increase, 2-year contract renewal’ Lee Kyung-eun, who finished FA, “Director, please buy me coffee”

 Is it Shinhan Bank coach Guna Dan or captain Lee Gyeong-eun who buys off-season coffee?

Veteran Lee Kyung-eun signed a new contract with his team, Incheon Shinhan Bank. His contract period is 2 years and an annual salary of 140 million won, and he will even serve as captain for the new season. He has experience of struggling with injuries, but last season he recorded 7.8 points, 2.8 rebounds and 3.3 assists in 23 minutes and 32 seconds, digesting all games.

After the 2021-2022 season, Lee Kyung-eun suffered pain in the process of signing his free agency. After going through the third round of negotiations, he signed a contract with Shinhan Bank for 70 million won. This season was different. He is subject to the 2nd FA, but he signed the contract within the 1st free agency negotiation period.카지노사이트

Lee Kyung-eun said, “The club gave me a good suggestion first, so I had nothing to worry about. Last season, when I was a free agent, there were many free agents in the team, and there were many players I wanted to sign. It was a time of many changes, so it took a long time to sign the contract. This time, the director and director were the first to call and make suggestions.”

When asked about the reason for choosing to stay, he said, “I thought it was right to finish my career at Shinhan Bank rather than going to another team. The team wanted me and I wanted to play here.”

Next, Lee Kyung-eun said, “I have an injury, so there is no choice but to limit my playing time. Even so, the director controls it well. I know it’s not easy. I once asked the director if he was stressed out because of me. The director told me that you don’t have to worry about that,” he said, telling an anecdote with Shinhan Bank’s command tower Ingu Na-dan, director.

Han Chae-jin, the most senior member of the team, retired at the end of last season. Now, Lee Kyung-eun has become the most senior member of the team and has even taken over as captain.

Lee Gyeong-eun said, “(Han) Chae-jin retired, and I feel burdened because I am the only one left for her. When the story of the claim came out, she said she didn’t think it would be easy. Still, the players are trying to help, so I think we can all do it together. She is doing so well, and this is one of the reasons to stay at Shinhan Bank,” she said frankly.

Director Guna Dan said of Lee Kyung-eun, “He is a cool senior. He is a senior who buys me food and coffee along with comfort. That’s why he praised the players,” and joked, “I wish I could buy you coffee too.”

When he said this, Lee Kyung-eun said, “I am really grateful for his juniors. It can be difficult because (I) am older, but I try to approach him first and talk to him like a friend. You have to be close in person to reveal your chemistry on the coat. I like coffee so much that I buy it a lot (laughs).”

Regarding director Guna Dan’s joke, he said, “Since the director gets the most money, shouldn’t the director buy him? I hope he will buy it,” he joked with a laugh.

Lee Kyung-eun’s goal this season is to do better than last season. As he continued to play for Shinhan Bank, he left a strong determination to show a good image for a longer period of time.

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