1-1 draw in competition for championship → Ronaldo regrettable… Opponent’s coach who crossed the line asked for a ‘selfie’

The opposing team’s coaching staff asked Cristiano Ronaldo for a photo after the game.

Al Nasr drew 1-1 with Al Khalij in the 26th round of the Saudi league in the 2022-23 season held at Mrsl Park in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at 1:00 am (Korean time) on the 9th. With this, Al Nasr is in second place in the league with 57 points. 

We got points, but it was a disappointing result. Al Nasr is currently competing for the lead with Al Ittihad. As of the 25th round, Al Nasr had 56 points and Al Ittihad had 59 points. With only a 3-point difference, Al-Nasr had to secure as many points as possible.

Al Nasr tried to score with Ronaldo in the center of the front line. Al Khalij was a team in danger of relegation, currently 14th in the league. Al-Nasr’s lead was expected, but he conceded the first goal in the fourth minute of the first half. Fortunately, Alvaro Gonzalez’s goal in the 17th minute succeeded in balancing the game, but the game ended in a draw without any additional goals.

It’s a sad situation from Ronaldo’s point of view. In the midst of this, a staff member from the opposing team, Al Khalij, approached and asked for a photo. Britain’s ‘Give Me Sports’ reported, “Al Nasr had a disappointing draw with Al Khaliz, just above the relegation zone. Obviously, Ronaldo was not in the mood for a picture.”토토사이트

“However, one of Al Khaliz’s staff members approached and tried to take a picture, so Ronaldo pushed him away. Ronaldo’s behavior could have been enough. It had an unwanted result, but someone from the opposing team approached and hung up the phone. If you put it on your face, you won’t feel good.”

Ronaldo has recently been plagued by rumors that he wants to leave Saudi Arabia. Spain’s ‘El Nacional’ said, “Ronaldo is not adapting to the Saudi culture and the language problem is coming as a big barrier. He wants to return to Europe, especially in Madrid, where he wants to live with Georgina Rodriguez.”

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