⑥ Securing available staff Chosun University & Hanyang University with many regrets

 Now, all the process of going on to school has been completed. Some schools recruited the players they wanted, while others enrolled a large number of unexpected players. Introducing the current status of new students by university in 2023, which is of great interest to many amateur basketball fans.

There are players who are good enough to go on the college stage right away, but there are players who have the potential to grow in the future rather than immediately. Let’s pay attention to which player chose which university, so that school’s performance improved. 

The largest selection of students in history

Every year, Chosun University had to face difficulties in selecting new students. Many high school graduating class players applied, but only after scouts from 11 universities were completed with double or triple successful applicants to find out who was admitted.

In addition, it was not easy to organize players because only a small number of people were selected here, and it was common that even 12 entries could not be filled when even a number of people quit midway.

However, this season, Chosun University worked hard to select the highest number of people ever.

Coach Kang Yang-hyun became a successful scout in that he selected 9 players, the highest number since the foundation of the Chosun University team, with the cooperation of the school, and expanded the number of players available by recruiting players of various styles and positions.

Among the players newly wearing the Chosun University uniform, the player to pay attention to is Yoon Soo-hwan (193cm, F) of Dong-A High School. Yoon Soo-hwan played as a big forward in high school, but he is a resource that showed various aspects from the inside to the point of defending the opposing big man at times.

He is a player who will be a great help to Chosun University, which has a weakness in height, by freely using his power to attack the paint zone and shooting mid-range.

In addition, Choi Kyu-hyeok (197cm, C) of Gimhae Gayago will be with us. Choi Kyu-hyuk is an undersized big man who has consistently kept the team’s goal in the 2022 season. Rebounding and under-the-goal attacks using heavy power are strengths, but the technical limitations are still disappointing.

In addition, Yang Jeong-go’s forward Lee Seung-jae (191cm, F) is a player who will raise the height of the Chosun University forward line, and under the guidance of head coach Kang Yang-hyun, who has a good understanding of defensive tactics, it seems possible to be a replacement member. 스포츠토토

When the results of the scouting of players with potential for growth

were revealed, Hanyang University was very disappointed. At the time of the first successful applicant announcement, some of the players who had been named Hanyang University gave up admission and went to other schools, and coach Jeong Jae-hoon’s idea was twisted

. Although they became members of the family, they could not achieve the height complement they had been looking forward to.

The first players to be notified of acceptance are brothers Ma Seung-jae (191cm, F) and Ma Yun-jae (191cm, F), forwards from Samil Commercial High School. Although they were overshadowed by Kang Ji-hoon and Lee Ju-young, they are versatile forwards who have steadily gained experience by participating in many games, and have good offensive and defensive abilities.

The two players, who have no explosive power in offense but have steady stats, are difficult to put into the game right away, but they are players with height, defense ability, and game experience, so they are expected to join Hanyang University’s offensive line soon.

Along with the two players, Lee Jin-seong (186cm, G) of Hongdae High School will also wear the Hanyang University uniform. Lee Jin-seong, who has strengths in quick feet and quick-breaking skills, is a guard whose main weapon is a one-dribble followed by a jumper. In high school, he often showed reckless attacks because he was weak in speed control, but his speed suits Hanyang University the best.

Lastly, Yongsan High School’s Heo Dong-geun (176cm, G), who was named among the passers-by at Hanyang University, is a guard with a style that leaders love. Despite his short stature, he is excellent at carrying out operations to the extent that he shows exactly what the leader wants on the court.

He has regrets about defending against a player bigger than himself, but he will overcome it with his unique spirit.

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